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Intel, VIA, NVIDIA, ATI, SIS, and AMD.

Your motherboard contains a CPU, some RAM, expansion slots, and various devices. But it also contains some chips which make all those parts work together. The most important of these chips are called the chipset. You need to install the chipset drivers to make sure that everything on your motherboard is working reliably and running at full speed. The chipset makers from time to time put out new chipset drivers to improve compatibility and solve stability problems. Chipset driver problems are often responsible for crashes of AGP video cards and can affect stability of expansion slots. So if you are having any kind of problems with your display card, you should always update your chipset drivers because bad or missing chipset drivers can cause problems which have all kinds of symptoms.

The chipset is usually made up of two chips: the Northbridge, and the Southbridge. The Northbridge is the main chip and the Southbridge is a support chip.

To install your chipset drivers, the first thing you have to do is figure out which chipset is used by your motherboard.

Please verify with your motherboard's documentation or the manufacture directly to find out what type chipset you have on your motherboard.