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Warranty Information

Attention: Remarks Of Product Warranty Term

The warranty term differs from one region to another. if you would like to verify the warranty term of the product bought, kindly contact and check with original vendor.

Warranty Exclusions

The following circumstances excluded from warranty coverage:

1. Product damage caused by catastrophes, thunder stroke, faulty electric power or environmental factors;
2. Defacing of product labeling (label alterations and falsifying, serial number missing, serial number no longer discernible or serial number invalid). All serial numbers are recorded and tracked for warranty purposes;
3. Unauthorized changes of non Zogis parts, modifications or alterations, parts removal in or to the products;
4. Damage caused by operator's error or operator fails to comply user manual instruction, such as , but not limited to improper storage resulting in product get wet, corrosion, fell off, squeezed or exposed to inadequate temperature/humid environment;
5. Internal or external consumable items of the product itself such as battery, earphone, etc.;
6. Accessories or packing material such as boxes, user manual, etc.