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Real Angel 330 Plus Universal Analog TV Tuner with FM & AV Input

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    Product name

    Real Angel 330 Plus Universal Analog TV Tuner with FM & AV Input

    Part Number



    Software MPEG2 Encoding

    TV System

    NTSC, PAL & SECAM (Worldwide)


    TV / FM, Video / Audio, S-Video / Composite


    N/A, (Depends on your video card output)






    ZOGIS Real Angel analog PCI TV card uses a Silicon tuner solution. It offers PAL/SECAM/NTSC universal TV system with low-profile card design. It turns your PC into a home entertainment center by bringing TV viewing and personal digital video recording capabilities to your PC.


    ♦ Uses Conexant 10bit video decoder, 10 bits high quality ADC.
    ♦ High-quality 3rd generation Silicon tuner, support worldwide TV standards.
    ♦ High-quality SMD capacitance material, 4 layers PCB and power stable design.
    ♦ Support TV/AV/S-video/3.5 Stereo input.
    ♦ Support Nicam and A2 TV stereo.


    ♦ Full channel scan, up to 125(PAL)/200(NTSC) TV channels receiving
    ♦ Support TV/AV/S-video/Composite input
    ♦ Real time recording Mpeg1/2 video and audio files
    ♦ Video Optimize Technology
    ♦ Multi-channel preview: You can preview up to 16 channels at one time
    ♦ Snapshot: Can snapshot the TV program
    ♦ Video Desktop: Can set the video as the windows desktop background
    ♦ Window scaling: Can change between the full screen and one window.
    ♦ Schedule recording: By weekly, daily, monthly, you can set watch and/or recording specified channel at specified time.
    ♦ Time shifting: Never lost any your favorable program
    ♦ Intelligent Channel search and delete no signal channel automatically


    ♦ Internet Video meeting
    ♦ Video conferencing
    ♦ Video and audio E-mail
    ♦ Video and audio recording and editing
    ♦ Create VCD, DVD and website.
    ♦ Corporation briefing and advertisement short clips.

    Recommended OS systemWatching TV and recording DVD

    ♦ Above P4-2.4 GHz CPU
    ♦ 256 MB RAM t
    ♦ SoundBlaster sound card for audio
    ♦ PCI interfacey
    ♦ DIRECTX9.0Ce
    ♦ CD ROM (For install program)m
    ♦ Windows XP SP2
    ♦ Available 30M HDD (install driver and application, e.g. CardTV2), add 600M/h-3G/h for recording.
    ♦ ATX power source and Host computer can support PCI2.2