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ZOGIS Profile

Who We Are!!

We at ZOGIS® are made up of gamers, graphic artists, web designers and computer enthusiasts just like you. This is why our commitment to customer satisfaction, manufacturing quality products and producing solutions that fit your needs are our top priorities.

Discrete graphic cards are no longer just for gamers any more. It's a fact that today's computer applications are more graphics intensive and require more computing power than ever before. ZOGIS® aims to provide the solutions based on your needs. Casual gamers and businesses alike are all using ZOGIS® products in their systems today as well as top gaming professionals.

ZOGIS® offers products that cater to the entire spectrum of users. Whether you are looking to upgrade to the latest in graphics technology or turning your PC into a full-on entertainment system, we have the product that is right for you.

ZOGIS® is a leading PC graphics card provider and recognized as an Authorized Board Partner of NVIDIA®. Based in the United States, ZOGIS® offers top-to-bottom award winning solutions that aim to serve distribution, retailers and system builders worldwide.

With global office locations in Taiwan, Miami and localized sales representatives around the world, our network allows us to fully service customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.